Speed camera icon in Drive Bar - only appears when near

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Hi all,

On my previous GO units, if there were speed cameras on my route then the location of the first speed camera I would pass was always shown in the Drive bar, regardless of how far away it was. This was comforting, as I knew then that the camera database was working and I'd be warned of cameras (there were times when the icon wouldn't appear, until I either stopped or started the connection, or drum-roll restarted the unit).

On the GO Discover, if there are any speed cameras on my route, the warning icon for the first speed camera I would pass only appears when I am a few miles away from it - the distance appears to vary according to the speed I am driving at, if on a motorway I get about 6 miles warning, in town less than 2 or 3 miles.

Is this by design?



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    try asking the customer care
    live chat or send email