Alternative Route appears but it is not chosen on TomTom Go app (Car Play)

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For the first time, an alternative route appeared (due to traffic). I couldn't select it I had to follow it and then it app kicked in. If I hadn't been looking at the screen I wouldn't have been aware that there was an alternative route. I haven't paid for the subscription yet (trial period)...

Am I doing something wrong. I want it always to choose the fastest route and not ask.


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    You are not doing something wrong. This is obviously the way TomTom want it to work. Its idiotic. Why would I not want to always take the faster route? It's particularly idiotic to not even have any audio indication that there is an alternative faster route. Surely it's simple enough to have an announcement "Faster route available"? At least you would be prompted to look at the screen & could see the alternative route indicated.

    One of my few criticisms of the otherwise still superior original TomTom Navigator app was that there was no audio indication that there was an alternative faster route but at least that was a relatively large pop-up that was easier to spot than the route in green that the current app shows for alternative route.
  • lampard
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    Hi @onemanguy

    Welcome to the Community! The GO app shows (in a different color) a possible upcoming alternative without you're asking for one, and then if you start driving on it, it will activate that alternative. We call it "decide by steering". You can choose it just by driving there or not by continuing on the current route so there is no direct interaction with the app.

    @nigelbbb Thank you for the feedback and I'll mark it as an improvement request.

    Regards, lampard
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    @onemanguy @nigelbbb
    Check your sounds & warnings settings
    Tap the 4Dot icon > Settings > Sounds & Warnings....
    Try 'Read aloud warnings'....

    Stay safe ATB YFM
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