Is there a way to extract my favorites in Pro Truck 7150 to a new Tomtom device?

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I have bought in 2011 the tom-tom pro truck 7150 and I love it.But it has no more memory in order to add new favorites places.It always says that in order to add a new one I have to delete one.The device does not have a extra memory slot so I am thinking of buying a new one.When I open my drive connect app on Mac I do not know how I can extract the favorites to a file in order to drop them to my new tom-tom device when I will buy one.
I will appreciate any help.
Nikos Matsavelas

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    Hi @nikosmasta
    The TomTom TRUCK PRO 7150 falls under the category of Webfleet products.

    The link provided above has the steps to manage favourites on certain consumer products that support this feature.

    My suggestion would be to get in touch with customer service at Webfleet solution for assistance.
    Helpful link-

    Regards, Vikram