my tom-tom keeps turning off while in is not electrical, how can replace the device?? — TomTom Community

my tom-tom keeps turning off while in is not electrical, how can replace the device??

carreramiacarreramia Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
the device screen goes black, it can last up to 10 seconds at a time, it also turns from horizontal to vertical and back...the device is fried, not reliable.....I need a replacement, it’s only a couple of years old.


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 1,211 [Exalted Pioneer]
    lock screen orientation
  • carreramiacarreramia Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    no...that would only prevent it from switching orientation, not preventing screen from going dark. You have no other solution? From reading other posts this problem is not uncommon, and people have received a new unit as replacement. That’s what I want, after spending this kind of money.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,336
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  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 729 [Revered Pioneer]
    edited March 6
    Can also be a unstable BlueTooth connection.
    I had this problem twice.

    First time unsupported AD2P adapter. (Solution repower AD2P adapter and suspend/activate Rider)
    Second time my Phone. Solution reboot phone.

    You can check the in the Riders BlueTooth menu. An unstable connection is switching between connecting an connected.
  • MrTDMrTD Posts: 69 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Sound like the same problem I am having with 2 devices one brand new one older.
    Black screen while navigating then it comes on like it has just started up but continues with the route that I was on, this all takes around 30-60 seconds
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 177 [Exalted Navigator]
    I know this solution seems to have been rejected but here goes.

    Orientation Lock, try it before rejecting it.
  • MrTDMrTD Posts: 69 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    edited March 6
    If you search youtube for Brand New Tomtom Go Professional 6250

    I have uploaded 2 videos of my device doing the fault one with the old software and part 2 has the updated software.
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