Tomtom Battery defect tomtom not usable anymore (6000 Go ) defect derectly after warranty!

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after only 2 weeks defective the non-original batteries are defective as soon as the temperature outside below 0 ° C is missing.
and you leave the device switched off in the car ... the original battery has lasted 3 years....
Too bad that tomtom does not provide original spare parts because I have already tested 6 different replacement batteries this winter I can say
Tomtom has the battery on purpose not in spare parts
as soon as the battery is defective the device is ready for scrap ... buy a new one ... never again Tomtom!!!

Battery after 2-3 years defective and Tomtom then no longer works replacement batteries do not hold temperatures below 5 ° C and are then defective after 3 weeks... Tomtom is then unusable!!!