Navigation device displayed on car's screen?

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The new car I'm interested in does not have built-in navigation. I also don't own a cell-phone (and don't want to), so I can't display the phone's app on my cars 8 inch screen. Is it possible to buy a TomTom in-car navigation device ... connect it to my car, and have the navigation display show on my car's much larger screen? Cell-phone can do this, but can a gps device do this? Thanks.


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    Hi @TMMcDuffee

    You cannot display a TT PND units screen on a cars display. If your possible new car has a large screen does it support Carplay (Apple) , Android Auto or MirrorLink. The Tomtom Go Navigation App works with CarPlay and Tomtom are working on there Android version being useable with Android Auto. Regarding MirrorLink some Phones are able to work via Mirrorlink.

    As a user of the GO Nav IOS App via CarPlay it goes a long way to presenting a similar screen to that on a PND but not exactly the same.

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    Thanks Doug ... but I don't own a cell-phone, and I won't be buying one. Just thought ... hey, you can run navigation off a smart phone and have it displayed on the cars monitor. Why not run navigation off a TT gps device and have it displayed on the cars monitor. Looks like my only options are to (A) buy the next trim level up ... and in effect pay $2,000 more for a car whose only extra feature I want is built-in navigation, or (B) upgrade my TT gps to 6" display and just have a dedicated navigation device.
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    Option 3 buy a cheap used iPhone to use as a dedicated TT device displaying via Carplay on the car's large monitor.