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  • ReTechNLReTechNL Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
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    Jürgen wrote: »
    Our closed beta group is currently full. Rest assured we are working with our current beta testers to deliver Android Auto to production as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
    Frup wrote: »
    I understand that some of us (especially from NL) were accepted for beta, but are not able te join for unknown reasons. While we hear nothing at all from TT! Despite our effort. It is not good to treat your customers like that.
    Too bad TT is letting us down. I am a paid customer of TT for years. I’ll stick to the built-in navi now (not TT).
    Please get me out of the beta program.

    @Frup and anyone else: As stated by TomTom (Jurgen) here above multiple times in this thread, the closed beta program is full. I am from the Netherlands and everything worked fine for me. It initialy took a few hours after receiving the invitation link for the app to be available in my country. It states that the app is not available in your country or that the app is not compatible with any of your devices. Which is just a general message from Google saying that the (beta) app has not been assigned or is available to your google account (yet) according to the Google Play Store. This could be that the Google Play Store CDN servers are not fully synced yet or that the email address you gave in the application is not the email address you used for your Google Play Store account. The Account you use for Google Play Store is the account that gets authorisation for the beta application not the account you use to login in to TomTom. Also resetting cache and storage in android for the Google Play Store app could help fix the above issue. Also try opening the Google Play Store app in Google chrome and check if it is there available for your device (bypassing Google Play Store cache on your device).

    But also as stated by Jurgen multiple times in this thread the closed beta program is full and if you get admitted anyway congrats. I hope the above helps you troubleshoot, if not wait for the official release to the public and stop whining.
  • FrupFrup Posts: 20 [Legendary Explorer]
    I understand and accept completely if the beta programm is full. But in that case no invitations to the beta programm should be sent.
  • BoefjeNLBoefjeNL Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Frup wrote: »
    I understand and accept completely if the beta programm is full. But in that case no invitations to the beta programm should be sent.

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    Just a small update on my experience with the beta version. I am using it now on every trip I take (even short trips).
    • Startup time of the app is much longer than Sygic and Google maps.
    • Google assistent works together with the TomTom app, for example: 'oké Google; navigate home', 'navigate to specific address' works fine. I can also ask how busy traffic is on my route and change the destination during my trip using the oké Google command.
    All commands mentioned above I say in Dutch. So except for the slow start and missing side bar it works fine.

    Other people tested the 'Oké Google' command? I am curious about other commands or questions you can use.
  • Giuseppe68Giuseppe68 Posts: 75 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I tried it and it works with the navigation search, the traffic on the route in Italy does not work. does it work for you?

    Samsung s20 Android 11
    Renault clio 2019
    Rlink evolution
    Android Auto versione 6.0.615334
    TT GO Beta versione 2.7.41 sviluppo (3866)
  • EldewyEldewy Posts: 31 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Did anyone manage to get night mode working on Android 11 & latest AA version?

    For me night mode works fine on Google Maps but TomTom is always stuck in day mode, even forcing night mode via settings doesn't work.
  • martin.armstrongmartin.armstrong Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    With my setup, TT switches to night mode when the car headlights are turned on.

    TT GO Beta Version 2.7.41 beta-develop (3866)
    AA Version 6.1.610554
  • Paulchen67Paulchen67 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
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    Hello together, I'am not a beta tester but I have a question. How long do you think would it take until the official version of TT Go is available in Android Auto?
    Best regards
  • EldewyEldewy Posts: 31 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hi everyone,

    I have contacted my MMI box provider & it seems that the Night-Mode bug that I had is not from TomTom application. It is a known bug of my box & Android 11 apps other than Google Maps. They sent me a SW to flash with the fix and now TomTom works perfectly fine in night mode!

  • Giuseppe68Giuseppe68 Posts: 75 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    sorry there have been some updates I am at 2.7.41 beta .. thanks
  • Matthew_VMatthew_V Posts: 6 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have been using beta for a week now. So far navigation works fine, google ok works, day and night mode works etc.
    One thing is missing in the menu: My Routes. So riding a route (GPX imported in Mydrive and synced tot android device) seems not possible, but when starting the route on device first before connecting to Android Auto, it works Just fine.
    My suggestion is to add MyRoutes tot the menu.
  • Giuseppe68Giuseppe68 Posts: 75 [Renowned Trailblazer]
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    with the new update the visual signaling of the speed camera distance is still missing,I don't understand why in AmiGo there is, being TT semore, the color of the minutes of the curtain at the bottom left always white, does not change according to the traffic, all this in AA .. thanks

    Samsung s20 Android 11
    Renault clio 2019
    Rlink evolution
    Android Auto versione 6.0.615334
    TT GO Beta versione 2.7.69
  • werner184werner184 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    One point i was not able to get access and so i have in one weekend. beta test for tomtom amigo and for tomtom navigation.
    Both work perfect on my car/phone at this moment. When i tested it for some half hour.

    So far what i see i really like it. it is a shame that tomtom is not aloud to change the size of the information what the action is (picture in post aboven the 70M message) and missing of the bar on the side from what you can expect on the road.
    Also if you need to take a exit on the highway is is nice to see whitch exit number

    For me tomtom navigation was fast in starting up. faster atleast as tomtom go because that takes to long to start up.
    The only thing i was not able to find was the zoom button.
    Normal navigation works like it intands to do.

    Only had 1time that screen hangs, but i didn't see gps speed. so think there was no gps speed and so the map freezes. i don't know how it goes whit tunnels yet. because the feature that it keeps updating the info on screen even whitout gps signal is nice to have.
    mostly thinking about tunnels

    using samsung s20+ on ford focus sync 3.4.20351
  • martin.armstrongmartin.armstrong Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    The Tomtom GO beta app works well now, seemingly giving a seamless navigation experience when transitioning from phone to AA and back again. What still concerns me is that in the production version of the GO app there is an option to delete the next stop that was removed when the menus were re-organised in the beta app (in standalone mode, not under AA). The problem is that when one reaches a waypoint the app does not always recognise that it has actually reached it and if you then set off subsequently it keeps on trying to take you back to the waypoint. The option to delete the next waypoint is then a useful way of telling the app that one has reached the waypoint as far as you are concerned and the navigation can carry on from there. The problem can easily occur when one visits a venue with a large carpark and the app thinks you should come to a particular part of it before it recognises that you have actually arrived.

    I am still posting in this forum because even though I have been informed by Tomtom employee claudia.perezull... that there is a specific forum for the beta version, where the developers will also reply to the posts, despite requests from me to give me access to the forum she has not yet done so.

    TT GO Beta Version 2.7.69-beta develop (3895)
    AA Version 6.2.610914
  • werner184werner184 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    don't know about a special forum, only know about every build you can give feedback directly to the team from playstore.
    you open it and feedback is not viewable by orthers only the team.
    about respons that is a second thing
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,618
    Community Manager
    I have removed the link to the beta forum. It's only accessible after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). No content from there should be shared here on this public forum.
  • Oldace2000Oldace2000 Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Last week I went on a trip covering about 1,000km and used the App via Android Auto for the whole trip. Overall the App performed very well. I like the 3D map display. Crisp and clear without being cluttered.

    On one occasion the app crashed on start-up before the USB cable was inserted. I had to restart it away we went. On another occasion when approaching a red light camera, the icon appeared and I was expecting the aural and spoken warnings to soon occur. The screen went black for several seconds then recovered but by then we had been through the intersection.

    The most frustrating problem is that when a trip is entered via several stops it all shows as expected but when the App is restarted after a stop the whole route has disappeared. ( As mentioned by Martin Armstrong above.) I got smart, or so I thought, and made up the next day’s trip using MyDrive and it showed up in My Routes in the App. After the first stop the trip was gone… No worries, select the trip from My Routes and away we go. Problem.. In Current Route I couldn’t “Delete Next Waypoint” so had to revert to entering the next destination only for each leg. Frustrating and even more so for those planning multiple stops each day.

    On some legs the routing was as expected but on some it was simply ridiculous. When I have more time I will post a couple of images showing the difference between this App and V1.18.1.

    I did miss the Sidebar information but do understand the problem getting it to work with so many different phone and head unit resolutions and aspect ratios. Not sure how but some way of displaying that information would be good.

    Whilst not an App problem it is still frustrating to keep getting Speeding Warnings for speed limits that are completely wrong. Locally we have a busy road that has had a 60Kmh limit for the 15 years that I have lived here. TomTom says it is 50Kmh yet Google Maps, Sygic and Waze all have it as 60Kmh. I have been reporting this via all available methods for the last 15 years to no avail.

    Overall I am still pleased with the App and one day I will try to make up a list of things that I feel are;
    1 : Essential, Must Haves.
    2 : Highly Desirable, and
    3 : Would be nice.

    Cheers for now,
    Oldace2000. B)
  • mareceqmareceq Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Does anyone know when Tomtom with AA will become a public beta?
  • JürgenJürgen Posts: 6,618
    Community Manager
    mareceq wrote: »
    Does anyone know when Tomtom with AA will become a public beta?
    I think it's technically not possible due to the versioning.
  • sholmsholm Posts: 37 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Hello Jürgen!
    When do you think, it will be possible to buy the program for normal use?
  • martin.armstrongmartin.armstrong Posts: 45 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    the trouble with the private feedback via the playstore is that it is limited to 500 characters which may seem a lot but if there are a number of problems you want to report, it has to be abbreviated to the point where a lot of information has to left out, eg. explaining why a feature that is not working is important to you or fully explaining the circumstances when a problem occurred. That is why I prefer to use a forum like this one, which seems to be the only one Tomtom are willing to let me use, where I can see the posts from other beta testers as well to avoid duplicating the comments of others.

    I don't understand why the option 'delete next stop' was not carried over into the beta version, into the list of options displayed when tapping on the line of dots on the bottom right hand corner of the phone screen.
    The options for the current route which are appropriate to AA (probably not 're-order stops' as in the form used on the phone it has too difficult to use) ought to be somehow carried over to the AA screen, otherwise the driver, theoretically, would have to stop and select the options on the phone screen.

    As far as plotting the route via Mydrive beforehand is concerned, the fact that stopover points are not carried over when selecting a route from My Routes, is a serious deficiency as even if the option to delete the next stop was inserted in the beta version, it would not be usable in such a route as the app does not know about the stops.

    TT GO Beta Version 2.7.69-beta develop (3895)
    AA Version 6.2.610914
  • werner184werner184 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    500charachters are not alot indeed. but at this moment where more than enough. atleast i stil didn't found a bug. Only feature issue.
    TT amigo works beter than TT navigation in android auto.
    I mean the camera (zoom) is beter in amigo than in navigation. There it is to high. For both i stil hope to see a zoom function. Ofcourse a automatically zoom when you drive harder.
  • Giuseppe68Giuseppe68 Posts: 75 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    you can change the color according to the traffic in the minute navigation drop-down at the bottom left, as in other apps on AA. es Sygic ... thanks ..

    Samsung s20 Android 11
    Renault clio 2019
    Rlink evolution
    Android Auto versione 6.0.615334
    TT GO Beta versione 2.7.69

  • hpt1988hpt1988 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Guys,
    I am also interested to be a beta tester for TomTom on AndroidAuto as my new car have AA capability.
    How can I get beta tester access?
  • Oldace2000Oldace2000 Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    In an above post I mentioned some strange routing and here are a couple of examples.
    The first from the local shops and the second to a nearby truckstop.

    This image shows the difference in routing from the local shops using V1.18.1 and V2.7.69

    Why V2.7.69 takes such a convoluted route I don’t know..

    Another strange one..


    This image shows the strange routing to a Truckstop on the nearby Freeway.
    V1.18.1 take the most obvious route to the freeway and then straight to the pumps.
    V2.7.69 takes a weird route via back road, some very backroads. The final destination would require crossing several hundred metres of swamp to get to the pumps. Even adding a waypoint near the pumps doesn’t help.
    This is OK for locals who know the local layout but would be mystifying for a tourist in a hire car. This the last roadside fuel on the Freeway before Perth.
    The same strange routing also happens with the Southbound Truckstop opposite.

    Has anybody else noticed this??

    I can only assume it has something to do with the mapping information provided to TomTom.

    Cheers, Oldace2000 B)

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