i gave scammer access to my laptop what will he have done

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i gave scammer access to my laptop what will he have done, nothing taken from account but laptop now very slowe even after scan


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    Hi @wayneoc
    Sorry to hear about it.
    My suggestion would be to use another computer, tablet or smartphone to change your passwords, starting with financial sites and e-mail accounts. If you paid for some fake services with a credit card, ask your card issuer or bank to dispute the charges, and monitor your statements.

    To identify any sneaky programs left behind. Start by running a full anti-virus and anti-malware scan and removing anything it flags as a problem. Visit your Web browser’s settings page to remove any unfamiliar extensions or add-ons, or restore the browser to its original settings. Before reconnecting to the internet, check your downloads folder and delete or uninstall anything that looks suspicious.

    If you could also add some more information about how you ended up on this scam website or call(the process) it will help our team( @Luca ) to investigate this better.

    Also adding a helpful link from our support article- https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013900100

    Thank you, Vikram