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I am in Australia, and in December 2020 I purchased a new Fiat Ducato Professional (Jayco) campervan which was fitted with a Uconnect 5 inch Radio Nav system. The system page states: Device TXxxxxxxxxxx39, App 11.815, Map Oceania v966.7364, Release date 3/2016. This suggests that Fiat are installing GPS devices into new vehicles with obsolete/out of date version of GPS'. When I open Nav, and go to settings, there does not appear to be any indicator to suggest an update is available, but surely there would be one since 2016. Jayco advise it is not their problem. Fiat advise it is not their problem (even though they supply the vehicle fitted with this device. My question: How do I update the maps?
also, there was no usb cable provided when I purchased the vehicle and some sites say to only use the cable provided. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Maca44
    Welcome to the community! The updates for the UConnect are performed using TomTom HOME.
    You can buy a new map on our webshop here-

    Once purchased the maps will be offered as downloads in TomTom HOME.

    (NOTE: Please check the device compatibility before you order the maps)

    The latest version of TomTom HOME is available for download here-

    Regards, Vikram
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    VikramK, thank you for your reply. I went to the sites you suggested and when I type in the letters TX (first two letters of my device) the reply is "Sorry your device is not compatible with the selected item". So, can you provide any other suggestion? Also, is it fair that I should have to pay AU$89.99 for a map upgrade when my vehicle is less than 3 months old?
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    Further, the site says to connect the computer to the device using the usb cable supplied, and I was not supplied with a tomtom cable. It would appear that at some stage I will need one, can you advise where I could purchase same?
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    Hi @Maca44
    I am not sure about the cable type required here, but my advice would be to check with the car dealer.
    Ideally, the first map should be the latest that gets offered after a new purchase.

    For updates in future, you will have to subscribe to a map update service.

    Try to arrange a cable first > Link the device to your account using TomTom HOME software > Check if a map is offered for download.

    Please post back here to let me know how it goes....

    The map on our website should be compatible to work with the TX model. Probably the compatibility check is not showing it correctly. However, it should allow the purchase to go through. I will check this with my team.

    Thank you, Vikram
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    Okay, looks like the cable only relates to the USA. Tried everything I could think of, and the only way around it was to purchase the map update for AU$84 which sort of peeves me a little seeing I only purchased the vehicle 3 months ago new. Fiat Australia told me that they only update the Ducato vehicle every so often with the last new release being 2016, and she suggested this is why the 3/2016 version of tomtom was installed. (go figure). Thanks heaps for your assistance in this frustrating issue.
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    Update: it would appear the latest version of Australian maps has been installed and working well. mentioned above, the cable only relates to the USA, and in Australia you must 'prepare' a blank USB by doing the following:

    1. Make sure that the map you want to update is the currently selected and active map in your navigation system. If your navigation system has more than one map and you want to update a map that is not currently active, first make the other map active. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select Switch Map.

    2. Go to the Settings menu and select Navigation Updates

    You are asked if you want to prepare a USB device in order to download updates.

    1. Select Yes.
    2. Insert your USB device remembering that vehicles now have several ports for changing various devices. The port for the Ducato is located under the centre consul so ensure you are using the correct USB port in the centre consul under the radio, not the USB next to the cigarette lighter socket.

    If you connect more than one USB device, the system asks you to remove devices so that only the device you want to prepare is connected.

    If there is not enough free space on the USB device, the system asks you to use a different USB device.

    If you connect a USB device that contains files, the system warns you that the files on the USB device may be deleted. The system starts to prepare the USB device.

    When the USB device is ready, the message below is shown.

    Navigation Updates: Preparation of the USB drive is completed.
    It's now save to remove your USB device.

    Remove the USB device and connect it to your computer, and you are ready to now download the new map to your USB device.

    Download and install Tomtom HOME, then you will need to register an account which is free, and simply allows you to log in.

    To download updates, every TomTom device has to be linked to a TomTom account so

    1. Connect your new navigation device (USB Drive) to your computer.

    2. Open TomTom HOME, if it doesn't start automatically.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to log into your TomTom account.
    A window opens stating that the connected device is not linked to your account.

    3. Click Update my account from the list of options to link the connected navigation device to your TomTom account.

    4. The device is your USB stick, and should recognise it as Uconnect 5 inch Radio Nav.

    5. Click the ‘back’ button to return to the previous screen, and then click “Purchase Maps’

    6. This will give you the option of purchasing either Oceania, Australia or New Zealand which each cost AUD$84.95. There is no shipping fee as the maps are downloaded.

    Multiple devices: If you have multiple TomTom navigation devices that use TomTom HOME, you will need to create a TomTom account for each device. You need a separate email address for each TomTom account.

    After you click on the buy button on the right side you will be taken to a different page where you enter your personal and credit card, Paypal details etc, and the map selected will be downloaded directly onto your USB memory stick.

    NOTE: the downloaded map is specific to the vehicle from which the USB stick was prepared, and identifies with the serial number of the device in the vehicle.

    This updated/downloaded map CAN NOT be used to update maps on other Fiat Ducato vans.


    • Start your Fiat Ducato van, and wait for the Uconnect system to open.
    • Insert the USB drive into the USB port in the centre consul.
    • You will see a message that an update is available, and whether you would like to update the maps.
    • Follow the rest of the procedures as per the screen and at the end you will see a message that your system has been updated.

    It took me nearly 5 weeks of research to work this out, so hope this might assist others in the same predicament.