No satellite signal on GO 620

wayne berry
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just got myself a go pro 620 and have not got a clue, so different to my previous tomtom, put a rour in and it will not operate, just keeps searching for a satellite signal


  • stuwee
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    after being repaird, i have no gps connection on trucker 6000 devive, done a reset no joyb just says cant connect to gps
  • stuwee
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    how poor is this site tom tom have taken my money botched my device and i cant talk to them this is rubbish
  • DougLap
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    Hi @stuwee

    Firstly this is a Tomtom forum where users seek to help one another not a direct connection to Tomtom Customer Support.

    If you mean you have done a Soft Reset as the following video the and that does not resolve it then try the next option

    The next option is a Factory Reset

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device

    before doing this check that all your My Places etc are saved by going to the My Drive Website and logging into your account.

    If that has or does not resolve it then if Tomtom Repaired it you should contact their Customer Support to see if they can check the Sim

    One other possibility ,which if you try will void any warranty you may have following the repair. The mobile sim is located under the label on the bottom and some have found if they remove the label and very carefully remove the sim and clear it then insert it and remove it a few times that the sims contacts being cleaned have restored its service.