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GO Discover Users - is it any better than the GO 620/6200/Premiums?

simplysup2simplysup2 Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
I'm considering purchase.

If there was a version with a SIM in, or even one where I could load my own SIM, I'd have purchased it already. Now I have to decide if the promised improvements in the UI are worth upgrading - or perhaps, sideways-grading is a better term, as the lack of a SIM hurts - from my current GO6200.

So, Discover users - is it better/quicker/faster/can leap over high mountains/fly through the air better than the previous TomTom unit(s) you have used?



  • Waszko1980Waszko1980 Posts: 25 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I also faced this problem. My greatest pity is that Discover doesn't have a SIM. I switched from a Go 5200.
    However, I made my decision and ordered the Go Discover 6 inch.
    To my surprise, connecting to the phone is not problematic. You just need to turn on internet sharing via bluetooth on your phone. They connect very quickly together as soon as you turn on navigation. Maps can only be downloaded via wifi. The layout of the map and the menu are slightly different, but I like it. You can set the case of letters and characters in 3 steps. It is impossible to change the colors, but here I understand that it is an adaptation to a uniform set of colors as in android auto or apple car.
    The handle from 5200 seems to be the same, but the cable itself is probably thicker.
    The most important thing. You have map corrections every few days, not every 3 months! And that made me buy it.
    Finally, the issue of SIM. I suspect that finally TT will not release devices with sim because the 2G is slowly turning off and they probably don't know what new card to use. Perhaps in the next devices there will be a slot for your sim card.
    In general, I noticed faster road recalculation, a clear image on the HD screen, the touch responds better. But above all, this new version of the software will hopefully be developed with new features more often than the previous one.
    After a few days, I am also happy. And when it happens, time will tell :)
  • leebroath1976leebroath1976 Posts: 48 [Master Explorer]
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    I honestly do not know why Tomtom in the wisdom released a device which isn't and all-in-one device, why on earth do we need to connect to our phones when the sim could have been built in.

    If this had an in built sim I would have been all over it like a rash, but I am simply do not want to be using my battery power from my phone.

    Oh well.... no point in updating to the new better HD screen, will stick with my 6200.

    Tomtom what are you playing at, ...please sack the developers, because you did this with a previous older Tomtom and got flack for it, and yet it's happened again!
  • Waszko1980Waszko1980 Posts: 25 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I had similar concerns about connecting the phone to the navigation. Unfounded. The amount of battery consumption by the phone after connecting the navigation to it is very small. Likewise with the use of data. In my opinion, navigation with a built-in sim card will not be created. If you already have the option to insert your own sim card.
  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 14,511
  • bigbig Posts: 1,634
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    simplysup2 wrote: »
    So, Discover users - is it better/quicker/faster/can leap over high mountains/fly through the air better than the previous TomTom unit(s) you have used
    It depends what you value. For example,
    Pros: the map system is pretty different -- the maps are updated weekly. (Small sections of the maps can be updated as needed.) A few more things can be shown on the map, such as border crossings. Prices for fuel are shown, if that's important to you.

    Cons: If you really want a built-in SIM you will be disappointed. And POI management is not significantly improved. Also significant in my opinion: the current time is not displayed. Only arrival time is shown. And speed limits are often grossly inaccurate.
  • miketorcymiketorcy Posts: 3,489
    6200, all is free. Discover, you must pay for something after a try period.
  • MrTDMrTD Posts: 64 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Looked at this device and looks like Tom Tom have taken a step backwards, no built in sim and trial periods for extras.
    I guess they feel they can get away with it but I am another who will not touch this because of these cons.
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