GPRS disconnected on GO 6200

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my 6200 GPRS is showing Disconnected and I'm now having to use my phone data for traffic and speed cameras. Any help please I have to use this daily as I'm a trade plater


  • rider1rider
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    Hi rider1rider I have the same problem and I and I actually live in Switzerland, how come you asked, I didn't find any reference to any problems in this country in the article you reported.

    Any way many thanks for reporting that Article I will try to follow those steps to get it working again.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @TheLord

    The 2g mobile system was turned off in Switzerland in January so the inbuilt sim will no longer work. You will need to connect you phone to restore the Traffic facility. For your info Tomtom suggest that if you use Traffic data for about 1 hour during high traffic density for about a month you will use about 7mb of Data.