Why is my direction arrow pointing south?

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It is supposed to be pointing north


  • YamFazMan
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    It’s not a Compass as such, It's a Direction of travel indicator
    It works on exactly the same principal as the one that Captain Jack Sparrow uses to navigate the Black Pearl ;)

    When you are driving the small Arrow head chevron, above the plus and minus signs points to your Direction of travel

    If you imagine you are looking at a Paper Map of the World, and you're located in the UK

    The North-Pole.... Is at the top & the arrow points Up
    You're heading North

    The South-Pole.... Is at the bottom & the arrow points Down
    You're heading South

    Canada.... Is on the Left (West) & the arrow points Left
    You're heading West

    China.... Is on the Right (East) & the arrow points Right
    You're heading East

    And obviously, all points of the compass in between, as in the example
    Greenland.... Is halfway between Up and Left & the arrow points 45 degrees between Up/Left
    The arrow is pointing 45 degrees Up/Left
    You're heading North West