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MyDrive Routes

When will we have the ability to send routes from MyDrive to the Android Navigation App.


  • RedSpecial62RedSpecial62 Posts: 18 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi... I believe it already can. I can log into MyDrive on the web, save a route and set to sync with my devices - the route is then on my Android Go app. So for me I can send routes from my drive to the android go app.
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 164 [Exalted Navigator]
    I am talking about Routes not Tracks.
  • RedSpecial62RedSpecial62 Posts: 18 [Legendary Explorer]
    Ah I see.... when I create a route in mydrive, it syncs as a track. I'm new to some of this TT terminology. So can routes be sync'd to dedicated deviices? I can only see sync as track on the web, which implies it will only send tracks to a device (or app in our case).
  • raesewellraesewell Posts: 164 [Exalted Navigator]
    I also have a Rider 550 and with a route in MyDrive in edit mode you can "Send Stops" which when in the device can be saved as an .itn route. The older android app used to have this feature but was lost in the new version.
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