How long does it take map updates on mapshare to appear on TomTomGo??

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Have tomtom almost stopped updating the tomtomgo maps? i get regular 'updates' on my android device, but road changes ive done on mapshare that say have been completed dont show up., one example is an averaged size roundabout on the edge of our new village for a housing este, its been built well over a year or more, i reported it last september on mapshare, its been 'completed' but still doesnt show on the maps in Go. makes you wonder what else they arnt updating, or is this a one off? As ive said before on here, im seriously thinking of just using Amigo going forward, I loose the lane guidence on the Motoway, but thats no big issue, i still get the traffic, ok, its not as 'feature' rich, but neither does it cost me 15 quid. Has anyone else noticed roads not being updated on the Maps? I meant to say that the roundabout it on Amigo and google maps, but not on the TomTomGo maps which i thought they said they were going to update more often now.


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    I've got similar impressions from Poland. I've sent many corrections in mapshare portal - most of them are already fixed , and properly shown on MapDrive but not on TTG maps. Even closed roads are still opened on TTG maps and route can be calculated through them. I'm afraid that bigger changes are only introduced on bigger maps updates, which are rather seldom (3-4 times per year?). The only change I've noticed on weekly update was correction of one way road - so these updates seems to be very poor (also size of the files explains a lot).
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    I agree.
    Have the same experience in Belgium. I also have a poi that is accepted but not in the offline maps. Also have a road block that is not present in the maps. Like you said in amigo and my drive it is correct. Also in the latest quarter update it was not implented. You should think it's one database.....
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    Oh well. This weekly map update, I think, is just a marketing ploy. There is no visible changes, just a waste of bandwidth. Plus, the update itself is very, very slow. Much slower than updating the full map in versions 1.18.xx.
    So, it is not really possible to check what changes there are because there is no description of it at all. Of course, a TT employee can refute if she/he can point me to a link that reads something like this (note, this is just a fictional examples.):
    "A new exit has been created at the 39th kilometer of the A17. Added to the map."
    "One-way street direction improved, in Examplecity, Sample Street, Other Street "