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What the is wrong with truck tom tom. I type a adres in my drive. Send it to my tomtom with truck navi and what does the device do !!! Take his own route and let the route in blue for what is be. I ride 20 adressen on a day but i think im goong to sell this shit tom tom. You can only teuse between fastest road or shortest road. But they have to make an option that you can pick the road from my drive

Or as in the app Sygic that you can set the de ice on “ take manly the head roads.
Why can i choose that in a free app and in tom tom who costs a lot of money i is no option
Man o man i hate this device. Tom tom programmers listen to a truck driver who use it 20
Times a day and is not happy with it

See the foto
Blue line is the road i sellected and he does his own way and sends me with mij 16.5 meter long truck on **** up roads who are not suitable for my truckm709f4gvtbzt.png


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    have you tried sending the route as a track in mydrive
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    Hello rider1. No. I did not. But that is no option for me because i ride about 20 /25 adressen a day. I can not believe he does not follow the blue line. Tomtom must put a 3e option in the de ice. Instead of fastest and shortest route the must put the option follow my drive. That is my opinion.