Speed and elevation on Go Supreme

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Hi. I have a Tom Tom Go Supreme. I know that I can record a route, then import that route on to an SD card and then view the gpx file in Google earth pro. From there I can see the recorded route that I have taken and I can also view the elevation.
How do I view the speed that I traveled at? I did it the other day where it recorded my speed on the route and elevation, but since then it is not showing the speed on any new recorded routes.
When I go to - Tools - GPS - import file. I then choose the file, but when it uploads it it comes up with the message - Loaded no data. It has recorded my route ok and elevation, but recording my speed as well would be pretty cool too.
Any idea how to fix this? My other idea was to format the SD card and try recording a new route and then see what happens.
I like the idea of being able to record the speed that I was going at.


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    does it still show the speed when you play the route on the tomtom