Unable to update my GO 500 device

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I have updated the MyDrive Connect software.
I connect my GO500 and there are 4 updates. The first one is the NAV4. This is stopping me from switching my maps.
So, I download and try to install the NAV4 update.
It says it is installing for a couple of seconds and then says my device is up to date.
I go back to the updates page, and it says I need to install the NAV4 update before I can do anything.

Round and round in circles.
It has never been easy to update devices - such a poor service.

I uninstalled and reinstalled MyDrive Connect (using revo uninstaller as well). I emptied the downloads folder. I tried without a micro SD card in the device.

Absolutely nothing I do will allow me to access the device and switch my maps around.
Nothing I do will allow me to pay and update my speed cameras.
Nothing I do will allow me to update the device.

Shocking - but then that is the way it has been for years now - very poor for the paying customer.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @stugra
    I reviewed the logs in the backend. The latest NavKit(firmware) v20.100 and the latest maps- Europe v10.60 already shows as installed.

    Regards, Vikram
  • stugra
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    Ah, that's great then - I should be able to breeze on in there and update my services then?