How do I switch off, get rid of pink roads?????

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Pink road syndrome is ruining my sat nav, its obviously a flaw in the system, I deliver in an artic to towns and cities but the device is trying to redirect me for no other reason than these stupid pink roads, please please tell me how to switch this function off as its making the Tomtom useless in certain areas.


  • rider1rider
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    not clear what pink roads you see
  • MilkmanBob
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    Its people who have decided a road is unsuitable for hgv's and reported such to TomTom who then update map as a no entry.
    The result is a £350 sat nav thats utterly useless in certain towns and cities!
  • gildersleeve
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    same issue foe me small sections on major roads such as the A1 near Sandy and A47 Stamford area been rerouted due to pink roads and even a huge 14 mile section of the A18 from Ludborough to keelby thats is in pink if tomtom vehcle weight is set over 7.5 ton since updating device back in december of last year