Traffic and MyDrive does not work anymore since map update

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Hello, Since I downloaded the latest map, it looks like the sim card in my Go5000 does not work anymore. Despite multiple resets, I do not succeed to have my lifetime life services including traffic back working. Is it possible the simcard is des activated? I am continues using my tomtom and till the map update all worked well. Can you please support me with solutions? When I check in systems\info, it tells me at GPRS "no connection". Latest map is Europe v1060.10571. Just to help you, as I saw someone with similar question. You asked to her: Do you see a GPRS error code under-? Settings > System > About : (The answer is "Disconnected" 20404,0,2,0,10,0). GPRS model: 16.00.152


  • VikramK
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    Hi @acabax
    Looking at the services on the account I could not find any issues. I would suggest that you contact the customer service and report the issue.

    Thanks, Vikram