Route Calculation Problem

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Hello there,
I have a Tomtom Go 6250 device,
When calculating the route, national roads take into account city centers instead of expressways. It causes both loss of time and fluid. What is the reason of this.


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    While I agree an HGV route should avoid a City Centre if an Expressway or Bypass is available....
    (Unless of course your destination is in the City Centre)....

    You could use 'Avoid part of the route'....
    With a route planned... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Current route --> Avoid Part of the route....
    The display will switch to list view --> Select the road you want to avoid, the device will recalculate the route....
    With a route planned... Tap the Direction of travel pointer (Above the + & - signs)

    This toggles the map view between the Driving & Planning views
    If you are using the North-up overview planning Map
    The direction of travel pointer... is flatter more squat


    To add a Stop.
    (1)... Switch to the North-up overview planning Map
    (2)... Tap somewhere on the Expressway or Bypass --> A Quick Menu opens
    (3)... Quick Tap on the 3DOT Icon... Add Stop to route...
    (4)... The device will recalculate the route to include the stop and Expressway or Bypass and hopefully avoid the City Centre....

    Note... A Long Tap (Tap & Hold for + 1 Second) and a Quick tap will give a different menu option

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM