Volume control slider option is missing in TomTom GO Navigation app for IPhone

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On my Iphone 12 (and my older Ihone 8 device) I don't see the Volume control slider option to change the volume of voice instructions and warnings like the manual describes. I only have the "3 options" buttons; Warnings and instructions Off, Only warnings, and Warnings and instructions On. Am I missing something here or is the manual incorrect ??


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Oobs

    There is a volume level control in Settings/Voice.

  • Oobs
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    Hi @DougLap

    I am familiar with that option, but that's not what I mean. The manual describes the Volume control by using a volume slide option. That is not an option on my Iphone Go Navigation App.


    However, I've found these discussions. One of them states that "But surely, the volume slider is on the roadmap."



    So, probably the manual is wrong ??
  • Jürgen
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    The manual isn't up-to-date. Another way to change the volume is using the physical volume buttons of the phone during a voice instruction.
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    Oobs - the slider option was there on my iphone8 start of 2021 - I then had an update from TomTom which gave me the 3 buttons you are talking about - BUT - took away the tomtom volume slider function - unfortunately the only way now to increase the tomtom volume is by either using my iPhone side button volume control or in the voice setting on the App **neither of which increase the volume sufficiently**
    With every thing turned up to 'max' the volume is not as high as it was before when I had the tomtom slider function.
    In fact when the tomtom app volume slider function was still there I actually had to turn it down a bit as it was 'to' loud on occasions.

    If anyone else out there has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated as I feel that I will have to ditch the tomtom App for some other Nav system that has greater volume control.

    P.S - FYI the phone's volume control is working correctly as other applications I have which are also controllable I can hear just fine.
  • nigelbbb
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    The volume slider is another useful feature that got removed when the developers 'improved' the application just like they removed the "Always take the fastest route" option or the way that they have twice totally rewritten & replaced the original TomTom Navigator iPhone that still works perfectly well. TomTom developer decisions are a mystery to us humble users & we never get any explanation as to why features are removed or choices made.