UK & Ireland 1060.10572 - Nottingham

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There have been major changes to roads in Nottingham city centre recently. A major road which goes through the city is now buses and taxis only.

Tomtom, correctly, marked this road as 'closed' via LIVE to prevent cars from going down Canal Street. However, with the release of 1060.10572, they 'opened' it again, 1060.10572 still shows this major road (Canal Street) as accessible to cars. Cars are now going so far down Canal Street and having to U turn at the point of reaching the bus/taxi only section. MyDrive is correct, its just the correction hasn't been refleceted in 1060.10572.

Please could the LIVE road block be added again, preventing cars from going down this recently restrcited access section of road? (Raised a ticket, 09cbdffb-795f-464a-bb4e-2c4232a2c170) I'm having to manually avoid this road every journey I make.


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    Hi @mjt11

    Thanks for reporting. The current status of your report shows as --'in-progress'. Implementing the block just for the cars could be a challenging one.

    Let's see where this goes.. I will keep an eye.

    Regards, Vikram
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    Why does it take so long to update these things? Google have had this road closed since the summer. I do like TomToms, but slowness on these updates make using Google on my smartphone more attractive.