How do I restore a Smart Media-Connect to factory after purchasing a previous rental car?

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My wife got a used 2017 Smart Fortwo for the holiday. Turns out the previous owner was the now-defunct Car2Go car-sharing service. As a result, the Media-Connect has many options locked out with the Car2Go logo. Is there a way to restore the unit back to civilian service? We can't even change the temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and the GPS is completely locked off.


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    Hi @foxhunter608
    Welcome to the community! Our support boundaries are limited to offering updates in MyDirve Connect. Are you able to access 'Settings' through the main menu? Perhaps there could be an option to perform a factory reset there?

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    I ran the factory reset through the menu but it did not remove the lockouts. Apparently the Smart cars use the Smart Media Connect instead of MyDrive Connect for its update software, I have an update to apply, but if it's non-standard software I'd really hate to brick the unit (or the car) if it's incompatible