Tomtom GO 2.4.1 freezing on iPhone 12 with IOS 14.3 and Toyota CarPlay

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Greetings friends. I have Tomtom Go 2.4.1 installed on an iPhone 12 with IOS 14.3. Today when traveling it was freezing the map when connected to a media center of my Toyota Yaris with CarPlay. I had to close the app and open it again to get it working again. And then it froze again, and so many times that it made it impossible to continue using Tomtom. The connecting cable in Toyota is an original iPhone cable. And I've been using Tomtom for many years and never did that. When I opened the iPhone I noticed that Tomtom was really frozen on the iPhone, and of course on the media center. It seems to be a problem in the app and not in Toyota. That version 2.4.1 was released just a week ago and I think have a bug in it. Has anyone else gone through this? Any idea how to solve it? Thanks and bet regards. Carlos, from Brazil.


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    Hi Carlos

    Welcome to the community! Have you tried a clean reinstallation of the app?
    I have asked my team about this, however, I wanted to rule out any installation-related bugs.

    Thanks, Vikram