VIA 1405TM Has a mind of it's own!

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I like to use my GPS as a dash clock, it is also useful when driving around it shows max speeds on roads I am on. My problem is it will be like HAL and program itself to go HOME. All of a sudden it's directing me to drive 450 miles away. OR while I am using it for navigation it will skip off into another sub menu and I have to keep pressing Done or Back, Done buttons.


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    The NAV3 Via 1405TM has a Resistive screen (Not a Smartphone Capacitive type Screen)

    Check around the area where the screen meet the bezel for any gunge and or grit, this can cause ghost tap's on the screen....
    A badly fitted screen protector will also cause the same ghost tap's on the screen....

    Also hold the screen flat and look across the surface of the screen with a light source shining on the screen, the surface should be dead flat... Are there any depressions on the surface from heavy use ???
    This might allow the random intermittent contact of the two ITO conductive surfaces ???

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