Go Premium X black screen unresponsive

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Hi All,
I've had my Go Premium X for 18 months and it's always worked ok, I made a few longish journeys last week and 3 times it kind of went haywire with the map spinning back and forth randomly so I had to clear route and re-enter, it also randomly went into voice control mode several times telling me "I'm listening" so I had to hit the 'back' arrow to get back to the nav screen.

I was using it this afternoon but while driving the screen went black and is now totally dead. Was being powered from a TomTom USB Outlet plugged into the cigarette lighter which was plugged into the mount.
I have tried holding the on/off button down but nothing happens. I plugged the lead directly into the device by-passing the mount and also plugged it into a USB socket on my PC but nothing! I can't even get it powered up to back up my saved places!

Anybody got any ideas or is it a warranty repair job?


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