No option to input dimensions on GO live 1005 (camper & caravan edition)

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My first post and I require some help, please.

I just bought the TomTom go live camper & caravan edition but when I switch on the device, there is nowhere to input any dimensions or to select a caravan or camper.

The only vehicles I can see are different variations of cars which I assume are to use as pointers on the route map.

When I log into TomTom connect it does show my device as a caravan and camper but I fail to see how when there is nothing on the device pertaining to either of those. I did notice though that I was given the option to get the camper map for £79.95.

I’m sitting here scratching my head and wondering why this device is called what it is if I then have to pay extra to get a map that I would have thought would be preinstalled?

The other question is if I purchase a said map, would it then alter the settings on the device to allow me to select caravan which is the reason we purchased the sat nav to begin with?

Sorry for the long post, I genuinely need someone to clarify because as far as I can see, this sat nav is geared up for cars and nothing other than that.

Many thanks


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    Hi @Marce131

    Firstly the Tomtom Go 1005 is a very old model. In order for you to be able to input Vehicle details it is necessary for the map selected for use to be a Camper/Caravan version. It looks like you have a basic car map selected if there is no vehicle type selection option offered.

    If the unit was originally sold as a Camper device then it should list that map in your PC’s software. You should also be offered the same map if it was ever purchased for the unit. Are you sure you are not being offered an update for the map. Maps are tied to the serial number of the device they were supplied with or bought for and are not transferable.

    If you input GO1005 in the search box at the top of this page you should be able to find a topic with many entries regarding issues with this model.

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    the customer support can check. send email or chat on monday