No internet via GPRS on Go 6200

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My Go 6200 consistently fails to pick up MyDrive synchronization when it should depend on GPRS data. Sometimes after driving for ~20 minutes it might find a connection, but it is not predictable.

The MyDrive & Traffic status messages will be 'Geen Internet' ('No Internet').
When looking in System Info, it says
'Dataverbinding': 'Geen' (Data connection: None)
'GPRS-status: Geen verbinding' (no connection).
The GPRS-model field is empty.

The device is logged into MyDrive, as evidenced by the fact that everything works perfectly when connected to data via WiFi.

This functionality was one of the most important things that drew me to this expensive device: please help me to get this to work properly.

I have my Go 6200 updated to the latest software (20.100.0001.411 (0) (13-10-2020))
map 'Europe' v1060.10571. I have done a system reset to defaults, but that makes not difference.

I usually drive in the 'Achterhoek' area of the Netherlands, around the towns of Beltrum, Borculo, Ruurlo, Lichtenvoorde, Neede if that matters.

Please help.



  • VikramK
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    Hi @pragtich

    Welcome to the community! I could not find any issues with the services on your account. Perhaps this could be a SIM related problem.

    Since you already tried the factory reset I would recommend that you get in touch with our customer service. They should be able to review the SIM status and advice accordingly.

    Regards, Vikram
  • pragtich
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    Thank you for your quick response. I will consider that, but I want to share an observation from last night, perhaps it is familiar to you?

    Last night out of frustration, I figured I would try a minimal configuration: I did a factory reset and only logged into Mydrive. No Bluetooth configured, and no Wifi (I usually had both configured).

    Lo and behold: after a few minutes the GPRS connected and it works.
    I think I'll try it for a few days like this, see if things are stable. Then I might try and add Wifi and test again, and again with Bluetooth.

    Are there any known issues with negative interactions between Bluetooth or Wifi with the GPRS function?


  • YamFazMan
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    Welcome to the site....
    Are you using a Bluetooth connection to a Smartphone ??? Is the Data for Traffic & other services option turned 'ON' ???
    Be Aware....
    On the Live Devices (Built-in GPRS SIM)....
    If you turn Data for Traffic & other services to 'ON'....
    The Bluetooth/Phone Connection can/will take priority over the Live GPRS SIM...
    Then If your Phone to Tomtom Bluetooth connection is 'Iffy' or the phone reception is poor or in a no signal area... There could be problems with Live Traffic ???

    The GO Premium Data Connection GPRS SIM...
    With Data for Traffic & other services.... Turned 'ON'

    The GO Premium... (Data Connection over GPRS SIM)
    Data for Traffic & other services in the Settings Menu.... Turned 'OFF'

    To check GPRS SIM status... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About.... Scroll Down... GPRS SIM shows as connected....
    Stay safe... ATB YFM