Removal of 50 miles per month

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Does anyone know why TT decided to remove the 50 mile a month free from the new app forcing users to subscribe instead

With Covid-19 I like probably many others are not driving as much and thus the free 50 miles a month would be perfect, but now users are forced to subscribe to the new service or not use the tom tom app at all.


  • tgold
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    If you are asking why TomTom decided to stop people from using their app for free and require them to pay - I can't even guess.
  • schneidernet
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    It's only $12.99/year. I may be disappointed about some features but the give-away price is not one of them.
  • walkerx
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    @tgold it allowed them to use if for minimum use and then forced you to pay or wait till it reset. if only used it once or twice a month to go less than 50 miles or in between subscription periods then it was useful.

    @schneidernet yes, it's cheap but at the moment a lot can't use their yearly subs for travelling due to covid.
  • lampard
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    Hi there @walkerx

    We received user feedback from GO Mobile indicating that 75km per month only allowed for a limited trial experience before deciding on a subscription plan. We believe the new 30-day free trial, with unlimited km, allows new users to fully experience GO Navigation before deciding on a subscription plan. Our new subscriptions are flexible and can be canceled at any time. Furthermore, they are at lower prices than GO Mobile subscriptions. 

    Regards, lampard