Live services subscription not suitable for Pro 5150

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I want to extend my live subscription, when I buy it I get the message not suitable for Pro5150

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @vorselaars_5048

    Welcome to the community! The bug has been reported to the team and should be fixed soon.

    I will keep you posted.

    Regards, Vikram
  • Wojo1989
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    The same problem for my tomtom trucker 6000, try to extend yesterday but get message incompatidible. Any Solutions? Serial number start Z4..
  • Garmint
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    i have this problem too with my 5150 Truck after paying for subscription .
  • jacekx
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    Hi, a few years ago in UK I boughet sat navigation 5150 live. Two years ago I had a health problem and all this time I couldn't do my job (lorry driver) so I didn't need live traffic service and there was no need to pay fot that. Now I have made the payment live service beacuse I am back to my work and I see my navigation not coneccting to the tomtom serwer .When I called to support Poland, I got information the sim card that is inside the navigation is being cancelled because I didn't pay for about two years, so You disconnected the sim card without informing me. I did not know TomTom will cancel this sim card which is built into the navigation because of me not paying for the service. Next TomTom disconnected service live for this navigation Tomtom PRO Model 4CR52 for forever. I have not been informed about the expiry of the deadline . TomTom offered me a refund of 22.79 pound for the live service but this won't solve the problem. Today I can't use all service that I need to do my job. Please reactivate sim card for my navigation or change sim card and inform me which service can install a new sim card in my navigation in Poland. I hope you will help me and I will still be a loyal customer and praise your products.