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Avoid motorways on GO 5100

Hello any more info on avoid motorways? I have just downloaded MyDrive on to a laptop and there is no facility to avoid motorways in settings. I can set it to avoid motorways using the GO5100 but it would be far easier to plan bit routes on MyDrive if you could avoid motorways.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,230
    Hi @Rockway

    When you open the My Drive Website and Tap Plan a Route you should see at the bottom of the menu Box that appears 2 options

    Leave Now

    Avoid Nothing

    Tap the Avoid Nothing and it should open to offer 5 options that you can select to Avoid including Motorways. Be aware that if you set avoid motorways in My Drive Route Planner if you send a route with a number of Stops or send a destination to your TT unit if it does not have the same Motorway avoidance set then it will recalculate the route including Motorways.

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