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Hi all, newbie here, any advise on how to approach this would be very much appreciated.

Every January, there is a a number of house visits that need to occur (up to 80ish) per day for a couple of weeks. I am looking for how to do this with a TomTom. ie ability to import a list of up to 100 local addresses (via spreadsheet), doing the most efficient route plan for the day, and then exporting this layout or uploading this on the tom tom. This process needs to occur daily ( input from spreadsheet, route planned with list of new addresses and then exported or uploaded back onto Tom tom. Can anyone advise how (step by step) this can be done please. Are there any limitations on how many routes can be uploaded ? Do I need a certain TomTom model ? If so, which one.

Some of my research recommends usings a routing software package to import address, do the route plan and export. Do I need to purchase a route planning software ? Which ones work well with spreadsheets and tomtoms ?

thank you in advance.



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    Hi Irene

    Welcome to the community! Importing the destinations directly from a spreadsheet does not work.
    We have the MyDrive web which can be used to search destinations and send them to the device.

    See the video below to learn more about it-

    Also, see this helpful article-