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Each time i use the TomTom Go Basic the Bluetooth connects without a problem but the services (my drive and traffic) show "service unavailable". only when i hold the power button until the (kind of DOS) black screen appeared and let is start again it will work again. but i have to do this every time when i use the TomTom.
any fix is welcome..


  • DougLap
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    Hi @a_kelderman01

    If you are using an IPhone with IOS 13 or later there is an issue that has been present since those IOS versions were issued.

    If you try this setup then you hopefully should have Traffic.

    Do not open MyDrive whilst doing the following.
    Open Settings on the phone and select Personal Hotspot.
    Turn the Personal Hotspot On but do NOT link it to the Basics Wifi. Ie do not input the Hotspots Password.
    Now select Bluetooth and Pair in the normal way.
    Now Traffic should work but note that if you turn Personal Hotspot Off then the Bluetooth link will be lost.

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    Thanks Doug,
    I will try this and let you know.