How can I tell the Rider 500 to avoid a dead end?

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My Rider 500 insists on trying to make me ride through a certain road which is a dead end and which has, in fact, been for as long as I can remember - only bicycles can go from there to the main road.

I have reported it as a map error but I presume it will take a while to fix it.

In the meanwhile, is there a way to tell my TomTom Rider the road is closed, or to tell it to avoid it?

Also, oddly, when I drive my car my TomTom Android app never tries to send me there; it's as though the Android app knew the road is closed, while the Rider doesn't. Unless TomTom thinks that road is open only to motorcycles? But I'd be very surprised if the TomTom distinguished between roads for cars and roads for motorcycles.


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    Hi @uktomtommer

    There is not an option to introduce a block until the map is updated I am afraid.

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    Hi there uktomtommer -

    On your Rider 500, zoom in at the point on the road in question and hold your finger on the screen until a pop up box appears, then press the three vertical dots icon. Press the “Report Map Change” arrow which will then allow you to select “Road Restriction” (the one you require that allows you to report this as a blocked road) - “Speed Limit” - “Street Name” or “Turn Restriction”. Unfortunately, as DougLap has stated above, this would then be introduced as a change at a later date.
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    For Routes planned directly on the device or .ITN Routes created using the MyDrive Web Route planner options 'Send Destination' or 'Send Stops'....

    Avoid part of the route....
    With the route planned... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Current Route --> Avoid part of the route... Follow the on screen instructions....

    Avoid Blocked Road....
    As far as I'm aware, the 'Avoid Blocked Road' option in the Current Route Menu is for when you are Driving/Riding, and on your journey you come across a Blocked/Closed road then you would use this option ???

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM