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Where are the updated maps?

We received the 9,99€ update offer and bought it. Downloaded the update and it says there’s no space, which has never happened before. We bought an extra 32gb card and still says there’s not space. We need the map for southern Europe (Spain) and there’s no way to get the update now. What’s going on? Can someone help us? And how is it so difficult to reach support in TomTom?


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    In your user profile you say TomTom Go ??? There are lots of Tomtom GO devices what is the full Model name i.e... GO 5000
    Or what is the 1st 2 Characters of the GO Serial Number (Don't post the full serial number)....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi, is TomTomGo 950. We are trying to install the update that we just bought in it keeps saying that there's no space in the micro SD (which is not true since it's new and we just reseted it too) and also it says in the middle of the proccess that we canceled the proccess which is a complete LIE since we idn´t touch A THING. It is so frustrating and we have talked to five people already who keep sending us links and not fixing the problem. TomTom has the worst costumer service. Definitely not buying one in the future.
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