RIDER 550 and phone connection

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My problem is that I use a DUMB phone on my bike which worked great with my TomTom Rider 2. When I got obsoleted up the a Rider 550 I was expecting to find the same Rider 2 managed phone book but the numpties at TomTom didn't see the point of including it. Most places I get to the data connection is either marginal or nonexistent which is why DUMB phone worked for me. Rider 550 doesn't work for me anymore.


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    If you need a basic Phone and Data Connection you don't need the MyDrive App
    Just a Straight Bluetooth Connection see option (2)

    On my GO 520
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Bluetooth
    Add Phone

    Option (1)...
    Tap (?) Follow the on screen instructions to pair Bluetooth If required install & Sync the MyDrive App on the Phone
    Option (2)... (Scroll up to... If your not interested in using the 'MyDrive App' and its features)
    Note the next page of info is off the bottom of the screen
    Tap Not interested in all of theses features

    On Most of my devices (And when using my Windows Phone, no MyDrive App for Windows Phones)

    I use Option (2)

    On the iPhone with Bluetooth turned on
    Tomtom GO 520 appears under Other devices
    Tap the offered Tomtom GO 520
    Agree to 'Pair' on both devices
    If required Agree to Allow Contacts & Favourites to sync
    Tap Done

    Wi-Fi is definitely TURNED OFF
    I am not using the MyDrive App
    Just a simple Bluetooth Connection

    Live Traffic shows a Connected
    My iPhone showing as connected
    I am not using the MyDrive App
    Therefore 'Smart-Phone Messaging' is unable to connect

    Edit... I suppose could set the switch to 'Off'
    Live Traffic over Bluetooth
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    Rider 520 phone and messaging services don't work, ( certainly not with iphone) and tomtom has no intention of fixing this. Most people have given up, but there was a work around to get traffic working. Was a few threads going about phone connections, but as I said, most of us have given up. If its a new Tomtom , then return as not fit for purpose. Other than that Tom tom wont help you.
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    Thanks for your reply YamFazMan, But this looks like another variation of the various work rounds. I can get traffic with the work rounds but any phone/messaging connection is a no no. I think Most Rider 520 owners now accept that they have an expensive, but very disabled, version of the 420 (Which was a good device). Its annoying that Tomtom still bill this rubbish as the premier Motorbike Sat Nav. I never bought my Rider to spend time doing "Work around's" Its expensive junk and that's about it.
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    My original problem way back in the January posting was the removal of the Phone Book system I had on my Rider2 that worked perfectly on my NON-Smart phone. I am quite happy not being able to make calls on the move. I am certainly not convinced I can get the right person by asking some robot to work out what I'm saying through my headset and then find the correct entry in the moby's phone book. I've got a hang-up where I can never remember the name but I know the entry when I see it.

    Basically I want the original "point and ring" phone book system I had in the Rider 2. Saves me getting all undressed to find my moby, then un-Bluetooth it so I can use it the old fashioned way.

    I keep buying TomTom's in the expectation that the new ones are the same but better. However, each time I buy they seem to remove the bits I like, that I use and replace them with something really cool that'll work in the office but not out there on the road. Hopeless.

    As for all the other clever features that work in the TomTom Developer Labs but don't always work in the real world I would recommend corporate TomTom to pay their guys enough money to allow them to get out on their big bikes and actually test the kit properly and wearing gloves. Maybe also give them iPhones so they know they don't always connect.