My Routes iPhone 11!!!

Dostrial Registered Users Posts: 2
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Sadly, the "My Routes" list is not available on my iPhone, so all the route that I create via MyDrive cannot be used on iPhone. I see that the Android version have access to this list.

Can we expect, and when, this functionality to be available on iPhone?

Thanks for reading.


  • Jürgen
    Jürgen Community Managers, Administrators Posts: 7,509
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    We had been hoping to deliver this by the end of the year but it slipped into Q1 of 2021. But it is coming.
  • Dostrial
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    Thank you very much for your answer. We hope it arrives as soon as possible. It is a bit urgent for us.
  • Raiker
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    Awesome news, I was just at the point of cancelling my subscription and installing my Rider 550 back on my bike =)
  • Levisp
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    I stopped using the Go app because of a lack of this feature. In fact I have cancelled my subscription, so if this actually happens may have to resubscribe. However its a feature that's been promised for such a long time I'll believe it when I see it.