Why can't You make the new Android Go as good as the older one ?

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Hello TomTom
Did you ask a team of disigners to come up with someting , and take a good look at maps ? People , who , as seen in the product do not use a navigation app very often . The colours may look new new new , but are to weak , to little contrast to use in a car with much light ,the roads are to thin and the zoom level is to small so you cannot see much ahead , and why is there a huge traffic sign in de upper half of the screen ? Am I not allowed to see roads ahead ? Signs are more important than the roads you gonna drive ?
I like TomTom Go very much so i hate it to see it get even worse than Google Maps .

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    Hi there @aanj

    Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your feedback. You can't change the map colors as this is due to the limitations of our new maps, but we're working on recovering this functionality as soon as possible. When app theming is enabled in the future, this will improve the colors/contrast of the maps.

    We already have plenty of feedbacks about the next instruction panel being too big and the team is working on improvements.

    Regards, lampard