Is the TomTom APP 1.17.10 - and its maps - not supported anymore?

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Old phone doesn't charge anymore, had to install App on new phone. On old phone I had free navigation until 2036, on new phone had to install 1.17 apk from a mirror, as only 2.3 available in playstore. 1.17.10 It updated unasked, and told the unlimited nav was migrated. For the last FOUR hours it is downloading maps missing still BIG parts of Europe. The 1.17 had one big Europe map and the download was fast. Some questions:
Will every map update take centuries so the app can't be used for a day? Is map udate requency still 4 times a year?
Is there a chance to use the 1.17.10 version and prohibit an automated update? On my old phone still the 1.17.1 was running with great success.
Will the maps used for the 1.17 versions (I think they are NAV4 based, don't know the standard of the new maps) be decommissioned in a while?
There is also a 1.18. - Does it run with the one NAV4 based map?


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    Update. Almost 5h and 68% downloaded, rien ne vas plus. Restart of App - no card found, install Dutch card. I will do this first. Reminds me of good old times at TT hepldesk when users called as their Mydrive Connect hung at that f%^&ng Andorra speedcam and left them with "No map found"
    I will install them one by one. Guys, this month is card installation month. The old Europe map went faster...