Call option missing on the TomTom GO PREMIUM

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I'm just setting up my go premium sat-nav, the call button was on there and I was messing around trying to get it to call home etc which wasn't working (I think it may be due to Alexa app). So went about trying to fix the Alexa app; in the meantime the sat-nav has done some updates and I've lost the call button on the screen but gain the features to turn off voice notifcations and screen light etc. I can't seem to find the call button anywhere....Help!! PS I can still receive calls in though


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    Hi @ZoeB65

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    Could you do a factory reset on the GO PREMIUM and start with a fresh pairing process.

    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset

    See the helpful video-

    Regards, Vikram
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    Cheers for this. I've turned it back on today and it seems to have reappeared (and the other buttons disappeared) so all seems to be back in place for now.

    Is it correct that if I make a call that I can only hear/speak to said person via my phone, yet if they phone me I can hear them and speak to them via my TomTom - I've had a little play around with it today and this is what I can get it to do (now that it eventually does this - I couldnt get it to call anyone until I set my Alexa app to see my contacts :/)