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Is there a way to add a weight limit to the 620pro satnav/database that tom tom doesn't seem to be aware of ??

I routed a delivery earlier and it wanted me to use a road that luckily i know i can't use and has been a weight limit for about a year now.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Peter1995

    The mapshare website is the way to notify Tomtom of map Errors/Changes.


  • Peter1995
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    Thank you
  • teapot1964
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    It would be great if it gave the option of going on a weight limit road as a lot of them are allowed for access.
    Mine routed me to a low bridge in stead of going down a weight restricted road in Pontefract west yorkshire england
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    When navigating to or from Bündtenweg and Rainweg in Nusshof with TomTom, you are always guided via the road "Im Höfli". However, this road is not the ideal route:

    1. very steep
    2. narrow

    Trucks and cars with low ground clearance can't get through and get stuck or damage the vehicle or the surrounding area. The official bus as well as all residents of Nusshof drive via the road "Im Dörfli".

    If wrong here, then where do you deposit such messages?

    Many thanks

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    Niggi See DougLap's reply at the top of this thread for the link to the mapshare website for reporting errors
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    Was thinking of purchasing a new truck device but if Tom Tom don’t change their routing system I will look elsewhere. My new job involves me diving into many residential areas as I work for a utilities company. Thing is it keeps telling me no truck route available and chooses a car route which is no good if I’m 50 miles away and the whole route is car based. Why don’t they give a truck route nearest to the destination and just warn you that you are entering a restricted area? We are allowed on restricted roads for work purposes TOMTOM don’t seem to understand this.