Getting Rider 450 to 'remember' where you are mid route

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Very often we'll take a break whilst on a route (breakfast, coffee etc.) If I turn my TomTom off it 'forgets' that we are mid route and I have to go into the route and mark all of the waypoints as 'visited' up until the point I wish to resume my journey. Apart from leaving the TomTom switched on during our break is there anyway of getting it to 'remember' that we are mid-route and continue with the next waypoint when it's put back onto the bike?


  • Jim07
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    Do you have the same issue if instead of shutting down the device you juts put it in sleeping mode?

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    Hi Jim,

    Interesting, if I hold the power button down for a few seconds I get the option to 'Turn Off' or 'Sleep' if I select either of these options the SatNav 'forgets' the current route. However, if I just 'clck' the power button momentarily then the screen goes blank (is this sleep mode as well?) If I the 'click' the pwoer buton again the screen comes back on with the curent route.

    Is this right? Is the 'momentary click' of the power button another way of entering sleep mode? If so, why doesnt choosing the 'Sleep' button/ option function in the same way?

    Many Thanks