New Nav system in a Subaru seems to have old maps

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I just bought a 2020 Subaru Ascent that has your maps installed for navigation. When I drive from Buffalo, MN to Maple Grove MN and try to take County #34 to Interstate 94 and take 94 to Maple Grove.
With my new TomTom navigation system when on County 34 it tells me I am going to State 52 and will turn on Interstate 52. But that info is wrong.
There are no markers telling me that I am turning onto 52 The markers are for Interstate 94.

In my other car, I have a Garman It recognizes Interstate 94 correctly.

Also when driving your system does not use Highway numbers but street names for directions. More often than not the highway numbers are used for traffic and there are NO street names used at those intersections. How do I fix this??

Have you installed an old map in my new Subaru navigation system? Help


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    Hi - I bought a Dec 2019 forester 4 weeks ago and under map-info it says 2017 which is clearly very old. Now, since it has 3 years of warranty I was able to update it over WiFi but it a very tedious and slow process. I updates the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg but I'm afraid update France and Germany will take way too long and end eventually into an installation error.

    So how to install: On de media screen tab "settings" (the coqs) then on the bottom there should be a bar with general, radio, car and map
    Tab "map" (of navigation idk) and then browse the list when you see update. Tab that and a new screen appears where you can enable automatic update and check for update. I had to select at least on region to make it to work. Make sure your car is in range of decent WiFi signal. Ofc. your Subaru <3 needs to be connected to WiFi (either your home of phone hot-spot but beware.. the amount of data is MASSIVE).

    I think there is also an other way but I didn't figure out how. yet.

    Good luck.