TomTom Home & MacOS XI Big Sur - (similar to TomTom Home & MacOS X Catalina)

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Have updated to MacOS Big Sur and TomTom Home no longer opens, it was working under Catalina.
Have checked Java etc is all OK as per the old discussion on TomTom Home & MacOS X Catalina.

Struggled for many months when Catalina arrived due to slow update by TomTom, is there a now a problem with TomTom Home on this new version?

Have tried updating TomTom Home and it still doesn't launch


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    TomTom Home is now not working with macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 - it took months for TomTom to get it working with macOS Catalina - is it really that difficult to cooperate with Apple and plan ahead?
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    As ALL Mac users know, it took a long time for TomTom to get HOME to work on Catalina, even though they should have known the 64 Bit requirement was coming for years. Now comes Big Sur and guess what - HOME doesn't load. It sure would be nice to hear from TomTom about what their plans and timetable are for an updated HOME app.
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    bought an old pc as TomTom doesn't fo anything on my Mac.
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    I have the same problem and TomTom HOME did not work for months under Catalina. Now again with Big Sur. However, I have paid a three year subscription for the map update service. TomTom is simply not delivering what I have paid for.

    I created a case at the online dispute resolution center of the European Union ( That sends an official request to TomTom to answer on a claim by a consumer regarding an online purchase. No idea where this will lead to, but it is a try worth.
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    I logged an issue with Tom Tom Customer care on 25/11.

    So far it’s the usual poor Tom Tom support merry go round where they try to infer it’s your installation (please reinstall etc), then asking for files to be sent through.

    If they just looked at Apple updates and brought a MacBook they could see the error for themselves and fix.
    The odds are it’s the crude fix they did for Catalina using an old version of Java (a security risk to our PCs) that is giving issues as Apple move to protect their operating environment.

    Absolutely hopeless support and we are all buying a product and not getting what we’d paid for.

    I don’t know how you find their maps but compared to Google, Waze, Here etc i find they are often out of date and don’t get updated even when you report a road closure etc. The others just get on with it so the customer get a good experience. If I wasn’t locked in because the car doesn’t supports Android or Apple I would dump, them in a flash.
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    Yes I was not able to update my tomtom XXL through Tomtom Home under Big Sur on my 2018 Mac mini.
    Luckily I still had my 2014 Mac mini, which booted up successfully after two or so years. It booted up under OSX Mohave. Then I reloaded successfully TomTom Home and updated my Tomtom XXL. Don’t know when Tomtom Home will be able to open under Big Sur, but it looks like I have a fix till it happens. Never throw old technology away. Regards Des
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    I'm also unable to get Home to work on my Mac running OS 11.1. It installs but won't open. I reinstalled as per the instructions received from support but the result is exactly the same. It's been a couple of years since I last tried as I got a bit distracted there for a while, so missed the whole Catalina sage you've mentioned. However I am not about to part with my hard-earned if I can't actually install the updates.

    As for their maps - sometimes for fun I put in an address that I know how to get to, just to see what rabbit run TomTom suggests I take. When I actually don't know where I am going I have no choice but to follow its directions and it typically sends me down obscure back streets and when I finally arrive I find that there was a much, much, more direct route I could have taken.

    Google maps is way, way better. TomTom came pre-installed in my Mazda but having used it for several years now, if I had a choice I would certainly be looking elsewhere.

    Do you think TomTom monitors these discussions? Because if they do it seems like they really don't give a hoot for Mac users as the problem seems to be constant. As others have said, surely they could invest in a Mac running the latest OS and test their software before they release it!
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    I agree that TomTom have lost their way compared to other alternatives out there. They are in denial wrt Mac users and map updates lag their competitors. Like you if I wasn’t locked to them by the in car system I would be running an alternative such as Waze (better than Google) and where you don’t have access to mobile data (eg travelling O’seas or in remote areas) using “Here WeGo” and downloading whole of country maps free when you are connected to home wifi etc is a very good option.
    Depending on your car there may be a way to convert the in dash system. I know some cars are able to be converted to Android Auto but that’s not much use if your Apple centric like me plus I don’t think it’s a cheap solution.

    wrt to monitoring this community I have noticed that a rep contributes to some posts but not all.

    Have a look here, another thread on the same topic that the reps are contributing to but again we see the usual blame the customer install, blame Apple, blame anyone but TomTom.

    They are losing customers and if you have ever worked in or alongside a Customer Service team you will know word of mouth is seeing a lot of people turn to other solutions.

    As mentioned I logged an issue with TomTom way back and the last I heard was mid Dec when they said

    “ I will also keep you informed that our team has developed the compatible software and it's in testing phase, if we find the new software to be bug free, it will be released globally for all our customer's, please be rest assured.”

    Nice words but only time will tell if they are on the money.
    Confidence is not great as no mention of this in the thread linked above.