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Just bought live traffic for the year , but my sat nav didn’t see it, on website it’s saying that it is live , plugged it to computer, nothing .....


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    Hi @Jarossj

    Contact Customer Support and they can sort it for you.

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    Hi @Jarossj

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    I have live traffic working through my mobile to my sat nav so I would expect it to work as it should. Yesterday I was on a road which was running clear but thete was indication of delays ahead. It diverted me off the A1 up a slip road which was heavy with traffic and showed red line on sat nav only to take me straight back onto the A1 North. Wasted 5 mins when I.should have stayed on the A1 and carried on. How can we trust Tom Tom if it is doing these stupid mistakes and I update my Tom tom as soo has there is a update.
    Not happy.