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Blue & Me 2 for Fiat 500E can't find charging stations

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It does not ever find any charging stations, yet it was designed to do so for the Fiat 500E. When I select Navigate and then POI, then charging stations, this GPS searches and can't find any at all. I updated the map and there are many charging stations in my local area within a 25 mile range. It can find local points of interest and seems to work fine. If this GPS is not plugged into the car dash connector, and I do the same search, it tells me it must be connected in the car, but when it is plugged in and blue tooth connection is made so I can see car specific functions (My Car), it does not find any EV charging stations and gives up. It makes no sense why it needs to be plugged in to the car and blue toothed, since there is nothing in My Car about charging stations. The GPS should be able to find some if the charging station data is in the map data. I don't think it is, yet TomTom says it has that in their GPSs. This function should work if it can find everything else.


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    For what I see, your device is on map version 9.90 which is an old map . We are now on map 10.55. If you want the latest map with the latests updates you need to buy the map on our website and download it. 


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    Jim07, I just used Mydriveconnect and loaded the map for the US. It was the latest one I was offered. I had an older one that covered the US, Canada, and Mexico I deleted because the newer version did not fit now. I am not being offered any newer versions in the App. All the maps offered are v9.90. Why is it that I need to buy the map to get a newer version? Why doesn't the MDC tell me that? Why did not the version I have leave out the EV stations data? It makes little sense to me to buy a newer version when the one I have which is not that old does not have that data anywhere in my state. This car that the GPS was designed for was way back in 2013 and since it is electric, and the GPS was supposed to show EV stations years ago, but it does not and did not with the map I deleted thinking v9.90 would have them in. I don't get it.I thought this had lifetime map updates. So it doesn't, but it let me change my map to another one?
  • FaitFait Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I see this model does not have any updates for it after looking at what is available on the TT site. It still seems to me that v9.90 should have had EV stations in the map. I don't get why no updates are available for this GPS anymore. What made it so difficult to make them for it so it was discontinued?
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