Things we don't like about Tomtom (Adventurer)

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Actually, this is about Tomtom GPS watches in general but based on my experience with Adventurer.

Let me start with things I like.
-the design of the watch
-the strap
-simplicity of the navigation button(s)
-(light) weight

I've had many GPS watches from different brands, Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Timex before Tomtom.

Here are the things I think need to be improved if Tomtom ever returns to the wearables market.

*The User Iterface
- For me, being able to change data fields with metrics by own choice is very important. Tomtom offers this feature but the digits at the bottom left/right are too small. The upper data field could be a lot smaller. This way we could have bigger left/right data fields. And why on earth does the custom data fields show the same metric twice, both in the upper data field and left data field?

Another thing I'd like to see is that going up/down the menu would be continuous or rolling. Imagine you are about to select an activity and scroll down to snowboard. You try to go down hoping you'll start over at the top but that will never happen.

The third thing about UI that I lack is being able to create own sport profiles.

Forth thing I lack is history/diary page so you can see your sessions in the watch.

* The Screen
There's a lot of dead space outside the screen, especially at the bottom near the logo.

The backlight should always be on while pressing the buttons. Having to cover the screen with your palm/fingers to activate the backlight leaves the screen with "hand prints" and finger prints.

Do you agree with me? I would like to hear your comments.


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    It has been over two years since TomTom Sports went out of business and ceased all production and development and discontinued all products. They are never going to go back into the market, they lost a ton of money and it would make even less sense to go into the market today than when they started 6 years ago. These days no one can compete against Garmin. Fitbit is gone (bought up by Google), Polar and Suunto are relegated to niche players and smaller companies cannot compete with Garmin's marketing power and production capabilities. And all of the things you mentioned were asked for when they were still active and they chose not to implement them. You are certainly welcome to your opinion but you are wasting your time hoping for a comeback of a product line that was interesting but flawed at best. TomTom had some good ideas but was unable to implement compelling new features and keep a stable firmware and never developed any kind of market share. And not having their own production facilities meant they were relying on third parties which caused production quality issues (this is why the straps were so problematic),
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    I love it. The music, the map, the battery life, the new watch band, all other devices you pay more for fancy features you will never use, the map system in the watch so you can always find you way back, the music so you don’t need to pay for music on line, this feature I don’t expect will ever be repeated on any watch.