On Rider 550, after entering address, how do I start navigation?

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Have no idea of "body is required" Have no idea of what BBCode is or why I would include in post


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    Very disappointed in lack of support. Have several Tom Tom products and the Rider 550 is the only one that I can't start navigation after entering the address.. Very sad. May return device
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    @cballweg , Yep! Agreed about the nonsense overhead of posting a simple question here. Shouldn't be that difficult.

    Re your question, and I did just go out and try this,:

    Having entered your address search criteria you are presented with a bunch of options that match (or are close). You might have to scroll down to find the one you want.

    You need to select one with with your digit and once done you are given three options, one of which is "RIDE". If you are walking or driving you are stuffed, there's no option for this.

    I'm sure others will provide a far better explanation complete pictures.

    I started with TomTom a long time ago when they first started and stayed with them based on my experience with their SatNavs. However, since their transition to the SMART Phone type interface I've found it very difficult to move around the thing. If you go find some of my issues that I've written about here you'll understand.

    I loved my simple Rider 2 and the other pre-SMART Phone UI devices, a simple menu system that was easy to navigate and all in a sensible order meeting the needs of the user. Maybe there should be an age limit for these things.

    The new units are very good and will always get you where you want to go but not necessarily on the most obvious route which can be very confusing. I also find the newer navigation menus not as intuitive as the older units with a lot of options not where I would expect having transitioned from the older units. Generally I find some aspects of menu hierarchy is for me not as joined up as the older units.

    And yes, I do get very hacked off with the thing at times.
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    Welcome to the site....
    If your device is showing a small Satellite Dish at the top of the Traffic Bar your device has not synced with the GPS Satellites and their Clocks (Are you sat indoors by your PC)

    If the Direction of travel Icon is low & squat as above....
    The device is still displaying 2D North-up overview planning screen....
    Tap on the Direction of travel Icon to toggle to the Riding Map View....
    In Riding View the Direction of travel Icon is a more pointed arrowhead

    Tap the Direction of travel Icon to toggle though the map views....

    When the device has a Satellite lock....
    The device will show a (Ride) button to change to the Riding view... Tap the (Ride) Button

    Also, If you have a Route/Track planned....
    When you ride off and reach a certain (low) speed... The Map will automaticity switch to either 3D or 2D (Rotate In direction of travel) i.e... whichever you have chosen in the Settings' menu....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM