Memory card on START 52

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i have downloaded latest map for uk and ireland and this has used up half of my memory space...If i download another updated map for uk and ireland will that take up more memory or will it take the place of the existing usage on tom tom(if you see what i mean?)....If it takes up too much room can someone tell me type of memory card which fits in tom tom start 52?
Also , sorry, second question..when in voices subcatagory , i only seem to have 2 choices...READ ALOUD ARRIVAL TIME and READ ALOUD EARLY INSTRUCTIONS, but in the user manual it says I should have other choices such as READ ALOUD STREET NAMES etc...anybody know anything relevant to these 2 queries...again sorry for questions


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Kathleen2

    When you install an update the first action is that the current map is deleted to make way for the new version.

    If you want to install an extra memory card then would suggest a 16gb or Maximum 32gb Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make, Micro SD Class 10. Some lesser known makes have had issues.

    Regarding Read Aloud Street names the additional options including Street Names appears when you select a Computerised voice such as Serena or Malcom. It looks like you have selected a Recorded Voice and so the options are not available as how would they Record all the street names.